We work directly with green tea farmers in Japan and select tea that brings out characteristics of the place it was grown and the people who grew it


How do I brew Makijima tea?

Oh, glad you asked! We’ve put together this nifty guide just for you. Enjoy!

How do I store Makijima tea?

Just like coffee beans, tea leaves quickly absorb scents of things around, altering its subtle aromas and flavours. We recommend simply squeezing as much air as possible out of the package after each use, and close it tightly. Even better, you can roll up the excess package and use a clip to make sure no air sneaks in. Then, please store in a dry, cool place away from light.

Japanese green tea is best enjoyed fresh, and an opened pack should be consumed within a month for the best experience.

What’s with the three dots?

Three dots, fashioned in a triangle shape, is traditionally a Japanese typographic symbol used on maps to signify the location of tea farms. The symbol is beautifully composed by nature itself, derived as it is from the tea plant seed. Gotta love nature!


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